SnodBOTs Comic

Coming May 2018

SnodBOT Action Figures. Standing roughly 3" tall with 5 points of articulation with swap-able parts, allowing you to build your own SnodBOT! Currently 3D printed in sturdy PLA plastic.

SnodBOTS Background

All snodbots were created by MOTHER. Their homeworld is called Gearbox.

Venturebots (red) are quick and adaptable.. They were designed to be explorers into the unknown.

Scibots (blue) are analytical and intelligent. They were designed to catalog and interpret data.

Heavybots (yellow) are strong and durable. They were designed to do the hard work and defend exploration parties against hostile lifeforms.

Snodbots are powered by their emotions. Each snodbot is very emotional. A snodbot who is in emotional distress has trouble controlling his abilities.

Snodbots can switch parts and colors, becoming hybrid creatures. This is called Synergy. This creates as many bots as there are colors. For example, a heavybot and a scibot might synergize and become a greenbot.

Sadly, there are also dullbots (grey) have been assimilated by the MALEFACTOR. They are assigned numbers, not names.

The Premise of Gearbox

For aeons, the snodbots were explorers. They mapped the many worlds that lay glittering on roads drawn between sprawling stars. They ate foods nobody had ever tasted. They smelled weird stinks nobody had ever smelled.

Cogadh was a bot who went bad. He made it all go wrong. To his ears, the many sounds were only noise. To his eyes, the many colors were chaos. He wanted to make all the bots the same.

It was Cogadh who did something to the maker of the bots, MOTHER. Cogadh found a way to reprogram her, to turn her into an engine of assimilation instead of an engine of creation. It was Cogadh who created the MALEFACTOR.

MALEFACTOR took over Gearbox. When he did so, he broadcast an EMP wave that traveled throughout the galaxy, shutting off snodbots wherever they were. Now, Gearbox is a dull world of soot and smoke, devoid of the creativity and wonder, and all off-world snodbots lie sleeping in the void of space.

The Team

It would be inaccurate to say that the team has a leader. Each member has tasks in which they excel, and the other bots naturally allow them leeway in the area of their expertise.


A human astronaut, Carol accidentally re-activates the core trio of snodbots. Barbara is a femme fatale with grit and resourcefulness. She’s handy with her las-gun and her jetpack. Her spaceship is called the POD.

Unbeknownst to the snodbots, she’s also on the wrong side of galactic law.


Coggo’s main emotion is excitement. His enthusiasm allows him to genuinely enjoy things, without a hint of irony. He sometimes has trouble grasping Orkle’s sarcasm. At the difficult end of excitement is impetuousness. Coggo often leaps before he looks.

Coggo is fast. When excited, he has powers of superspeed that push the limits of the sound barrier. This is coupled with hyper-quick reactions. This makes him an excellent pilot. He has a real enthusiasm (dangerous for him!) for vehicles of all kinds.


Orkle is quiet and thoughtful. His main emotion is curiosity. He is deeply interested in the world around him, especially the hidden and secret. If there’s a code, he’s interested in cracking it. By the same token, he can be downright obsessive. Orkle sometimes doesn’t know when to let something go.

Orkle is perceptive. He can see things that others can’t, viewing the world through a wide spectrum of receptors. Few things are hidden from him. He spends time focusing the roar of sensation into usable information through mecha-yoga.


Blip is messy and fun. His main emotion is joy. He makes friends easily and can be the life of the party. By the same token, he’s more than willing to drink all your oil and leave the cans all over your front yard.

Though he’s only a short and stout little bot, Blip is incredibly strong. He can easily solve most problems in a straightforward manner: just lift and throw. He needs to rely on his friends when the problems can’t be bent or twisted into submission.